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Muscletime Titans Part 3 - Victor Martinez
Muscletime Titans Part 3 - Victor Martinez

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Date Added: 03/21/2008 by Matt Canning


For the legs sequence, Victor Martinez was training at Victor's Gym:

Victor's Gym
Manhattan, NY
October 16, 2004

Victor starts off with training his legs with the leg extension machine, doing his legs both at the same time then individually:

Individual Legs.
Both Legs.

He does that for three sets of both.

Then Victor continues with his workout:

Leg Press (one leg at a time for two sets).
Squats (315, 405, 495 lbs with no belt).
Lying Leg Curls & Individual hamstrings curls (three sets of each).

Victor's amazing triceps development can be seen clearly as he works out and stretches his muscles.


Victor Martinez heads over to Bev Francis Gold's Gym to train his shoulders:

Bev Francis Gold's Gym
Syosset, NY
October 17, 2004
Featuring Mitsuru Okabe

The sequence begins with Victor in the locker room without his shirt on, looking huge and in great shape. He poses, and you can yet again see that he is big and ripped and ready for contest.

Victor then worked the following split for shoulders:

Dumbbell Press (one set).
Standing Lateral Raises (one set).
Seated Lateral Raises (one set).
Dumbbell Press (one set).
Standing Lateral Raises (one set).
Dumbbell Press (with 110s) (one set).
Standing Lateral Raises (1/3 range of motion for one set).
Cable Side Lateral Raises (one set).
Machine Butterflyes (one set).
Cable Side Lateral Raises (one set).
Butterflyes (one set).
Cable Side Lateral Raises (one set).
Butterflyes (two sets).
Upright Rows (three sets).
MachineShrugs for traps (four sets).

After his third set of shrugs, Victor does some front posing in his tank top, followed by some back posing after his fourth set. He follows that up with two sets of front raises with the dumbbells reversed, then some arm posing in front of the 2004 Mr. Olympia poster. He then goes back to the locker room to hit some poses with no shirt on. He looks awesome in this sequence, with his chest very big and full, as well as in great condition. He does the following poses in the locker room:

Front Pose.
Front Double Biceps.
Front Lat Spread.
Side Chest.
Rear Double Biceps.
Rear Lat Spread.
Side Triceps.
Side Chest.
Abs & Thigh.
Most Muscular (traditional crab variation - looking awesome!).
More Most Muscular Variations.
Front Double Biceps.

Victor follows this up with some photos in the locker room, and Mitsuru Okabe shows up for a picture as well.

Back & Triceps

Victor Martinez trained his back on October 18, at Steel Gym:

Steel Gym
Manhattan, NY
October 18
Featuring Capriese Murray

Victor entered the gym with an issue of Muscular Development magazine where he was on the cover doing a back pose. Victor was wearing a black t-shirt and looking great. He took off his t-shirt to reveal a tank top with the words:

"Got Muscle?
(...Want Some?)"

Photograph © MuscleTime.com. Captured Courtesy of BodybuildingDungeon.com. Reproduced with permission.

Victor then hit the following split:

Reverse Wide Grip Chin Ups (three sets).
Long Bar Cable Rows.
Machine Pulldowns (five sets).
Triangle Bar Lat Pulldowns (four sets).
Dumbbell Rows & Cable One Arm Rows (three sets of each).

In between some of the sets, Victor took a picture with Capriese Murray, both wearing tank tops. One picture was a most muscular and both bodybuilders were looking good. He also posed and stretched between sets, giving us an idea of his size and conditioning.

Victor followed up with some back posing as well - his back is an asset and definitely one of the reasons why he is a future Mr. Olympia contender.

Victor then began his triceps routine:
Single Arm Cable Pulls for Triceps (two sets).
Incline Dumbbell Pullover (three sets).
Triceps Pulldowns (with long cambered bar for three sets).
One Arm Cable Rope Pulls (three sets).

Somebody joked that Victor Martinez doesn't have any synthol in his triceps (which is absolutely the truth). For some pictures of how bad synthol can look like when abused, CLICK HERE. Victor stretches in between sets, once again displaying his awesome triceps development. His counts his abs, counting all six and saying that #7 & 8 are on the way. He then goes to pose without his shirt on, showing his great physique and very trim waist. He takes some photos of his front and back, and looks sharp in every pose. Jason Arntz shows up for a while as well during this sequence.

Next, Victor goes to Eva's (the website is www.evasvitamins.com. Victor says they have the best selection of vitamins as well as great healthy food, and that he goes there for his contest preparation. Some pictures are taken with Victor and some fans with an award belt and then we move on to his chest and biceps workout.

Chest & Biceps

Victor hit his chest and biceps on October 19, 2004. His split is below:

Steep Incline Flyes (three sets).
Flat Bench Press (225, 315X10, 405X6).
Smith Incline Press (225, 315X9, 365X6, 225X8).
Bodyweight Dips (three sets).
Dumbbell Pullovers (three sets).

Victor does some posing in his tank top after his second set of steep incline flyes. After his pullovers are complete, he takes off his shirt and hits the following poses:

Front Double Biceps.
Front Lat Spread.
Side Chest.
Various Poses.
Most Muscular (Crab).

Victor looks great in basically every single one of these poses. He has great triceps, a great back...well, great everything! He is big and full and looks awesome from all angles.

Victor then moves on to working his biceps with the following routine:
One Arm Cable Curls (four sets).
Preacher Curls Using Cambered Bar (four sets).
Seated alternate Dumbbell Curls (three sets).
Concentration Curls (three sets).
Flat Bench Cable Pulldowns (two sets).
Forearms Reverse Curls (two sets).

2004 GNC

The 2004 GNC Show of Strength was held in Atlanta, Georgia on October 9, 2004.

Victor is seen backstage at the GNC oiling up, then we see the judging. He is looking huge and full and shredded, and...basically he has every single quality you would expect for a world class contender. His chest was one of the best combinations of fullness and conditioning I've ever seen. His hamstrings and glutes were also shredded.

Victor poses on stage with Darrem Charles, who also looks awesome (although lacking in size compared to Victor). They hit the following poses on stage in the comparison:

Front Double Biceps.
Front Lat Spread.
Side Chest.
Right Double Biceps.
Rear Lat Spread.
Side Triceps.
Abs & Thigh.
Most Muscular.

Victor's individual routine is also shown. This is one area where Darrem Charles has him beat though - Darrem is the best poser I've ever seen in bodybuilding, however, the size difference was enough to give Victor the win!


Victor said that he made such great improvements since the 2003 Night of Champions because he filtered all of the negative comments into positive ones. Flex Wheeler also showed up to interview Victor for Muscular Development after his win.

Las Vegas

On October 9, 2004, Victor Martinez competed in the 2004 GNC Show of Strength and won as described above - after, he did a photo shoot in Gold's Gym in Las Vegas, Nevada, for Muscular Development Magazine with Chris Cormier. This took place on October 31, 2004. Victor was looking huge, and his chest was once again a knockout. He looked awesome from all angles and may very well be the future Mr. Olympia champion.


I was a big fan of this DVD! I would have to say that it was probably my favourite of the three DVDs produced by MuscleTime. If all of them maintain the same quality, they will have a good future ahead of them in terms of producing DVDs. Victor also has a great personality and is very good in front of the camera. If you are a fan of bodybuilding videos or Victor Martinez, this DVD is definitely one for you!
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