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2002 Masters\' Olympia: Prejudging & Show
2002 Masters' Olympia: Prejudging & Show

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Date Added: 03/09/2008 by Matt Canning
REVIEW - 2002 IFBB Masters' Olympia

2002 IFBB Jan Tana Masters Olympia Prejudging and Show Lynchburg, Virginia USA 17.08.02 The DVD began with the masters competitors lining up from left to right. There were 27 competitors in all and they lined up in groups of nine. For men over the age of 40, these guys looked great, or by any standard for that matter. The group did the mandatory quarter turn relaxed poses and looked great. Vince Taylor was in this first group.

The next group came out to do the same poses and it was amazing to see how bodybuilders came from all over the world to enter this contest. Interesting to note: the prize money for this contest was relatively low - only $20,000 in total (not much to win really). Given the costs of contest preparation and travel, you know a lot of these guys entered for pride (and not for money).

The next group featured Geir Borgan Paulsen and Don Youngblood, both of whom looked great and were obviously going to be in the top three. Members of this group came from all over as well - Spain and Romania just to name a couple. Some of these guys were huge, but the eventual top finishers were both huge and in excellent condition.


Vince Taylor, Chris Duffy, and David Hawk were called out together. Geir Borgan Paulsen then took Chris Duffy's place. Chris Duffy appeared to be either 6'2 or 6'3. I would put Geir Borgan Paulsen at around 6'0. Both of these heights are quite tall by bodybuilding standards. Geir and Vince changed places with David remaining at the far left.

Don Youngblood showed up next to compare with Geir and Vince. He was in the center and clearly the most shredded man on stage. He had hardness and density that the other competitors didn't. At 48, this was amazing to see. Don also had the best back on stage.

More callouts took place, but it was obvious the top three at the show were going to be Don Youngblood, Vince Taylor, and Geir Borgan Paulsen, with the debate being exactly what their respective placings should be.

The mandatory poses were done, which included the following:

Front Double Biceps
Front Lat Spread
Side Chest
Back Double Biceps
Back Lat Spread
Side Triceps
Abdominals and Thighs

Individual Routines:

Aivars Visockis Latvia

Aivars showed up in god condition but didn't appear to be a threat to the top spots. His upper body was a bit more cut than his lower and of course, for a man of his age he looked fantastic.

Lee Apperson USA

Lee posed to the song "Sing for the Moment". He was thin compared to some of the other bodybuilders on the stage, but still fit and cut.

Guido Conrad Germany

For a guy who has the body and even the face of a young man, I was surprised to see that Guido did not die his hair. He even had a decent hairline, but with grey hairs he looked his age. Good physique, and about middle of the road in terms of mass at this contest - not enough to hold his own against the biggest guys on stage, but not small either.

Chris Duffy USA

Chris was big and shredded. This guy was tall - from what I could tell, he was the tallest guy on stage, and might have been close to 6'3.

Leon Brown USA

Leon posed to the song "Impossible Dream". He looked good, but lacked the mass and condition required to do any type of damage at this show.

David Hawk USA

David Hawk posed to the very popular "Heaven" remake from 2002. He looked good, and definitely up in the top spots for the show.

Vince Taylor USA

Great poser as always. He posed to "Nice and Slow" by Usher and put on a good routine. He was in good condition and huge, and at the age of 46, had improved from his showings of 2001 at the Masters Olympia and Mr. Olympia contests.

Flavio Baccianini

Flavio posed to the song "Sexy Boy" by Shawn Michaels after starting off his routine slow. He really got the crowd excited with his interactive routine. He looked great. Flavio was a short man, but his size and conditioning for his height was definitely there.

Anders Graneheim

Anders posed to the song "Licence to Kill" by Gladys Night. The slow music matched his physique pretty well and he posed well. His quads showed some very impressive separation. Steve Davis

Steve posed to "Hell Bent For Leather" by Judas Priest. He looked good, but not big enough or shredded enough to make an impact.

John Hnatyschak

John was an excellent poser and really got the crowd excited during his routine. I believe it is possible to move up a few places thanks to posing, and John probably had an advantage because of it. He looked good. He sported good size and was in good condition, especially notable were his striated delts.

Joe Palumbo

Joe posed to "Live and Let Die" by Guns' N' Roses. Joe was a fairly big competitor with good balance and symmetry. After his first song ended, he posed to "Bad Boys" by Inner Circle, and then "Whoomp there it is" by Tag Team. He got the crowd worked up with this end to his posing routine.

Pascal Thooft

Pascal showed some excellent balance, great arms & chest and overall size. He posed to "Cathar Rhythm" by Era.

Jim Pedone Australia

Jim's posing and physique were good, but he was another pro on the stage who was just too thin to compete against the bigger and more shredded guys.

Sean Bullman Ireland

Sean posed to "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC. Sean was small and boxy, but still in decent condition and holding some size.

Geir Borgan Paulsen Norway

Geir posed to "Cold November Rain" by Guns' N' Roses. For a 45 year old, he looked fantastic - really amazing. He was an obvious top three finisher.

Don Youngblood USA

Don was one of the oldest men on stage as well as being one of the biggest and definitely the most shredded. He posed to a mix of songs including Michael Jackson. His posing routine was one of the most involved of the show and it definitely got the crowd excited. He was the eventual winner in the show and definitely deserved that honour. Honore Cironte Spain Honore looked good for his age - 64! It's really amazing that someone could stay in shape at that age, and even enter a bodybuilding contest. Honore posed to "Shoot from the Hip" by Rainbirds. Juan Barreto - Leoesma Spain Juan posed from "Shoot from the Hip" as well. He had a good physique, but wasn't in the condition necessary to make an impact at the show. His belly button abnormality was also very distracting.

Stan Frydrych USA

Stan was carrying good overall size and conditioning. Just excellent for a man over the age of 50. Others would be lucky to be in that type of shape at that age.

John Simmons USA

Big guy - especially from the back. He was in good condition too with a striated chest and good vascularity.

Emeric Delczeg Romania

Emeric was another one of the middle of the road competitors at this show, who wasn't big or cut enough to make a dent. Not bad either, for that matter. he posed to "Time" by Pink Floyd.

Nicolae Giurgi Romania

Nicolae posed to "Who wants to live forever" by Sarah Brightman. The song suited his physique and posing style and he used it to display his strengths. Nicolae than changed songs to pose a little faster.

Charles Kemp USA

Charles was one of the bigger guys on stage. He had size and height and looked to be about 6'1 or so. I suspect this guy would be absolutely huge to see in person. He was in good condition too. Charles posed to "Nod Your Head" by Will Smith.

Behnam Samimy Canada

Behnam posed to "I Need a Girl" by P. Diddy. He was shredded, but lacked the size and shape necessary to place higher at this show.


Next up was the awards presentation. Stan Frydrych received the award for over 50 Masters Mr. Olympia champion - and a well deserved win! He looked fantastic at any age.

Honore Cironte received the award for over 60. This was his fourth time being the over 60 champion, at the age of 64.

Next, the top six came on stage to pose. Where Don Youngblood was clearly the most shredded, Geir and Vince looked good as well. At this point I would have had Vince in third with the first place winner being a toss up between Don and Geir. They both had their respective strengths and weaknesses. Don beat Geir on hardness and fullness, but Geir had Don on size. The top six went through the mandatory poses and then posed down to some music before the top six were announced:

6th - John Hnatyschak
5th - Chris Duffy
4th - David Hawk
3rd - Geir Borgan Paulsen
2nd - Vince Taylor
1st - Don Youngblood

Vince looked pretty shocked and unhappy with his placing. I guess after five years of winning the contest, he just expected to win it again, regardless of what type of shape he was in. I would have had him in third after Geir Borgan Paulsen personally. He looked good, and deserving of the top three, but in his own mind I think he was the clear winner, and that simply was not the case.

Overall this was a very well produced DVD and enjoyable contest. Only GMV would spend the time and effort to produce DVDs of smaller shows like the masters contests. Without them, where would the bodybuilding world be? I look forward to reviewing the 2001 Masters Olympia DVD.
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