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Gunter Schlierkamp - Rock Hard - The DVD
Gunter Schlierkamp - Rock Hard - The DVD

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Date Added: 02/29/2008 by Matt Canning

Opening Credits

The opening sequence for this DVD was quite flashy. We get to see a glimpse of what's to come, with Gunter Schlierkamp hitting a number of poses both inside and out, with a tank top on and without. He is mostly in contest shape during the poses. Some training footage is also included.

Back on the Farm

In this sequence, Gunter shows us where he grew up and how things have changed since that time. His father showed up but could speak no english, so Gunter acted as translator. I could see the resemblance between Gunter and his father.

Gunter then hit the following poses outside in his tank top:

Front Lat Spread.
Fron Double Biceps.
Left Side Chest.
Crab Most Muscular.

Gunter showed us some of the machinery on the farm and explained that he used to drive them when he was younger. He went up to the tractor and some photos were taken of him sitting in it as well as some poses just outside the tractor.

Gym Workout

Gunter started off his gym workout, starting off with the Smith Machine - he started with an upper chest workout, doing incline bench presses on the machine. He also said that safety is important to him and so the Smith machine is quite useful since he can work out by himself while using it. He pumped off 315 pounds for 12 reps. Next he did a set for his shoulders on the Smith machine doing 16 reps of behind the neck presses. He followd this up with machine preacher curls - at this point it was becoming evident that Gunter was a big fan of machines. Gunter hits some arms poses next and was looking very close to contest shape (probably within a few days).

Gunter does wide grip triceps pushdowns with a wide grip next. He explains that he prefers the range of motion offered with the wide grip over the narrow grip and that is why he uses this exercise. After an additional set Gunter hit some poses between set, and for someone known for his relatively weak triceps, they looked pretty good!

Next up was cable crossovers. Again, Gunter's penchant for machines was showing. After his first set, Gunter hit a few poses and looked amazing. I wouldn't doubt if this was filmed a day or two before or after a contest.

After the cable crossovers, Gunter is once again back on the machines, doing leg curls for his quadriceps. Gunter's quads are probably his best body part so I was sure to take note of his workout. Then Gunter went on to perform leg presses with a close grip and explained the different angles you can use on this machine and the different muscular development which will result from it. Gunter performed his working set with high reps (20+) with 10 plates per side (900 pounds in total).

Gunter moved on to a hamstrings machine next which he said has helped him to show improvements through the years. The hardness and condition seen in his hamstrings looked to be on par with that of Ronnie Coleman who is known for his solid hamstrings. Gunter then did seated calf presses which he said helps him put tension on the outside of the calves which he needs the most work on.

Gunter did some legs posing between sets, once again looking fantastic. He also did other poses in his tank top and jeans shorts, showing off his condition and muscularity.

Posing at FIBO

Gunter posed here on the main stage at the FIBO expo in Germany. I really liked this sequence as the posing music included was "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins (one of my all time favourites). He was in good condition at the show and holding good size so likely near a contest. He hit the following poses:

Twisting Back Pose.
Right Biceps Pose.
Kneeling Lat Spread.
Kneeling Front Double Biceps.
Kneeling Right Biceps Poses.
Left Side Chest.
Left Side Triceps.
Rear Lat Spread.
Front Double Bice.
Rear Double Biceps.

He performed some other poses as well - his posing was slowing and fluid and became faster over time. The DVD then played the song TNT by AC / DC when Gunter's posing became faster.

The Interview

Gunter was then interviewed on the DVD. He explained his interests in bodybuilding as a child and his roots. During the interview, some footage of Gunter's training was shown. Gunter explained that he worked in a mine as a mechanic when he was 16 and did practical work with machines. He said that he trained in mining engineering for three years and that it was a difficult job with high temperatures and poor air quality. In addition, Gunter went to the gym when he wasn't working! No doubt it was a draining experience and Gunter said he found it to be very challenging. Gunter said he used to admire all the old Hercules movies starring Steve Reeves:

Gunter also talked about seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1982 movie, Conan, and being motivated by it:

Gunter explains that at the time of production he had been training for 14 years and that it's always possible to make improvements, even after all those years. Gunter was encouraged by the owner of his gym to enter contests. At 16 years of age, even after only training for three months, he had made significant enough improvements to show his potential as a competitor. Gunter started competing at age 18 (1988) and won the first six contests he entered.

Gunter's training was still being shown during the interview, including some biceps curls. Gunter said that he got the food required to bodybuild while he was growing up thanks to his parents. Gunter hit some poses on the footage shown during the interview in between the training footage. Some footage was also shown of Gunter posing at the 2000 Ironman Pro Invitational where he came fourth place. Gunter explained that he put some size on his upper body and that made his waist look smaller. His legs looked good as they had prior to the contest. Various poses were featured of Gunter at the show, looking sharp as always. His condition had improved even further by the time of the 2002 Mr. Olympia Contest and 2002 GNC Show of Strength where he was at his career best shape.

Grand Prix Highlights

Some footage was shown of Gunter at the 2000 IFBB English Grand Prix. Gunter was pumping up backstage. Gunter hit some poses and then some footage from the show was shown. Gunter was on stage with other bodybuilders, including Markus Ruhl and Dennis James - both of whom looked fantastic. I was very impressed with the condition of Dennis James who is notorious for not peaking exactly on time for contests and also impressed with the size and condition of Markus Ruhl.

They hit the mandatory poses:

Front Double Biceps.
Front Lat Spread.
Side Chest.
Rear Double Biceps.
Rear Lat Spread.
Side Triceps.
Abdominals & Thigh.

Gunter's individual routine was shown next. He posed very gracefully to slow music, hitting a lot of the seldom seen kneeling poses of older times. He was looking very conditioned and full and I could see how his fourth place finish was deserved. Amazing still is that he took that size and shape and improved upon it in years to come. Here is a picture of Gunter the following year at the 2001 Mr. Olympia Contest:

Dorian Yates announced Gunter in fourth place.

Gold's Gym

Gunter's training and posing was shown here at Gold's gym. He was big and shredded and did his exercises in close to contest condition once again. Gunter is one of the few bodybuilders who can look healthy in the face even when he is dieted down. Others tend to look gaunt and drawn out, but not Gunter.

Posing at Red Rock Canyon

Gunter posed in this segment in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. His ex-wife, Carmen, oiled him up before the pose. This was a very stylistic sequence in the DVD, with Gunter as big as a mountain, posing right in front of them. It reminded me of the posing sequence in Pumping Iron starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. He hit basically every pose in this sequence, wearing jean shorts, boots, and a barbell necklace.


Gunter's contest posing was shown here and the crowd really loved it. Once again, Gunter posed slowly and fluidly which I think highlights his physique quite well. Markus Ruhl could not likely pose to the same slow music because his physique is too powerful in appearance. Gunter has the lines and shape necessary to make this kind of posing work and obviously the crowd agreed. Gunter posed to the song "Hold on to the Night" by Richard Marx to start off with then to the song "Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love" by Van Halen where Gunter got really interactive and posed with the crowd. This looked to be a guest posing spot for Gunter and one which the crowd had a great time with.


Overall this was yet another fantastic part of the GMV collection! The more DVDs of GMV that I watch, the more impressed I am by all aspects and this is no exception. The photography and camera work was excellent as well as the editing and the music. It had basically all I wanted in a bodybuilding video: good instruction and information, a good display of the featured physique star, and additional behind the scenes items as well. If you like Gunter, or GMV, or bodybuilding videos in general, I think you will like having this one in your collection. The complete running time is 90 minutes and a photo gallery is also available in the DVD.
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