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Joe Meeko: Mr. Universe - Mr. America - Mr. USA
Joe Meeko: Mr. Universe - Mr. America - Mr. USA

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Date Added: 03/02/2008 by Matt Canning
Joe Meeko: Mr. Universe - Mr. America - Mr. USA

The DVD starts off with some kicking 1980s music and Joe posing - Joe's condition was excellent and he was dry and grainy. He had a hairstyle and looks straight out of the 1980s and appeared to be a worthy Mr. Universe champion.

Joe posed his entire body and had some extreme vascularity all over, very notably in his thighs. He hit his famous moon pose and also showed off his diamond shaped calves.

Clive Jakes was doing the interview with Joe Meeko. Joe explained that the posing he had previously done was harder than a two hour workout in the gym. Joe had previously won the NABBA Mr. USA to qualify for the Mr. Universe, which would be his second attempt after winning Mr. America. Joe was a young 25 years old at the time of the filming. He had been training since he was aged 17.

Some footage of Joe training was shown - he was performing barbell wrist curls for his forearms and included some posing.

In ther interview Joe explained that he used to be 5'10 but was now just under 5'8 because he lost height due to squatting heavy - this apparently caused the discs in his spine to compress. I have personally never heard of anything like this before, and I'm still trying to confirm the validity of this type of claim. My guess is that Joe simply measured himself incorrectly the first time and when he later measured himself, he did it accurately and came up with the measurement of 5'8.

Joe explained that in order to be a world class bodybuilder, you need to eat, sleep, and live bodybuilding. He said he spends two hours a day training at the gym. Joe said his metabolism was tested in a laboratory and the lab found that it was the fastest metabolism ever recorded on a bodybuilder. He said he dropped from 265 to 215 in a matter of 6 weeks. This represents more than a pound lost each day. Definitely a fast metabolism.

Bodybuilding helped Joe to become more extroverted and sociable. He said that he was never like that before bodybuilding and that it helped him to become the person he wanted to be.

Joe said that the seminars he gives were considered to be some the best by the promoters. He said he made the seminars very interactive and would pose without his shirt on, unlike some bodybuilders who never did so.

Joe did some overhead triceps extensions with dumbbells wearing a tank top and did some posing after that before continuing on with the interview.

Joe explained some of his early contest results and the rest of his history leading up to present day.

Some footage was shown from the NABBA WBBF Mr. & Miss World competition. Joe competed in the medium class (under 1.77 meters / 5'11).

Joe was posing to the song "Winner Takes it All" which was a typical 1980s sounding song and he posed to it quite well.

Joe said that he felt that bodybuilding is a 100% individualized sport and that no two bodybuilders are the same so that nobody can train exactly the same and expect the same results, which is why no one should comply exclusively to certain popular training principles without first tweaking them to find out how they work for them. Joe said that he felt 50% of bodybuilding was in the gym and 50% was at home eating and resting. I would disagree with this and state that gym training alone is only about 20% of the overall picture - if that.

Joe said that developing abs was entirely diet based, and I would agree with this. If your body fat isn't low enough, your abs will never show.

Joe performed a demonstration for the DVD next - he trained biceps and explained the proper techniques.

Next Joe oiled himself up and did some posing and some footage was shown from a previous contest.

Joe explained that the following supplements are excellent for the bodybuilder:

B Complex
Vitamin C

Joe explained that he did not feel that steroids are an important part of bodybuilding. He said that the champs would still be the champs with or without steroids, but I disagree. Something which needs to be considered is that some people respond better to steroids, so it doesn't necessarily remain at the same level playing field as naturals. Some respond better naturally, others better on juice.

Joe explained that steroids may pose dangers to abusers, but that the dangers of steroids were very overhyped. Joe said that female birth controls can lead to exploding blood clots in the brain or death, while a steroid dianabol has much more minor side effects such as acne and hair growth. He said a person can overdose on a bottle of tylenol, but could not overdose on a bottle of dianabol, which is proof that tylenol is far more toxic (and also far more acceptable to society). Joe said a young person should build a base without steroids for five years before taking steroids.

More of Joe's posing was shown, and in all the footage he was shredded and large. He had a good shape too, and was one of the most rugged looking bodybuilders of his era. He was posing to "Winner Takes it All" again.
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