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Melvin Anthony - Contest Ready
Melvin Anthony - Contest Ready

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Date Added: 03/02/2008 by Matt Canning
REVIEW - Melvin Anthony - Contest Ready

The DVD began with Melvin Anthony's stats:

Age - 33
Contest Weight - 240 lbs
Off-season Weight - 275 lbs
Arms - 21"
Chest - 55" Waist - 27"
Quads - 28"

1993 was where it all began for Melvin Anthony with a well deserved 3rd place at the Fontana Iron man novice.

1997 was where Melvin started on the road to the IFBB pro ranks when he scored a close 3rd to Ken Brown at the 1997 NPC USA championships.

In the 1998 NPC USA, Melvin lost a close tiebreaker in the super heavyweight class to the awesome Dennis James.

Finally in the 1999 NPC USA, Melvin broke through to capture the super heavyweight and overall USA crowns and ascended to the IFBB Pro ranks...

The DVD then showed some contest footage of Melvin. Melvin is known for his classic physique and excellent posing ability.

Next up an interview with Melvin was shown where he talked about his life growing up and his roots in bodybuilding.

Some off-season posing footage was shown of Melvin at the 1999 FIBO. He was bigger than usual and in decent condition considering the off-season nature of the routine. He would have looked better with some posing oil but as it was he had a respectable showing. He posed to hip hop music as he seems to enjoy doing (and he definitely has the moves).

Next up was Melvin posing at the pool where he hit all the poses and looked sharp while doing it. The DVD begun with Melvin hitting some poses outside the pool in the sun. He hit the following poses:
• Front Double Biceps.
• Front Lat Spread.
• Twisting Back Pose.
• Left Side Chest Pose.
• Back Double Biceps.
• Hands on Hips Most Muscular Variation.
• Hands on Hips Most Muscular.
• Abs and Thigh.
• Crab Most Muscular.

Next Melvin oiled up his legs and upper body. He was assisted with his oil by somebody who he was chatting with during that time. He hit some more poses with the oil on and looked much better. The oil helped to bring out detail and separation that couldn't be seen without it. He was definitely contest ready during this posing session. Some close up shots were shown, which highlighted his arms and upper body as well as his legs.

Next up was footage of Melvin in contest at the 2001 Iron man Pro with Chris Cormier and King Kamali. It was amazing to see the condition that King was in as he hasn't been able to duplicate that condition since and has moved down in the pro ranks since then - his waist has also gotten a lot wider. Melvin looked good during the posing and has gradually improved since then. JD Dawodu showed up next to pose and was also looking good. They hit a number of mandatory poses during the callout and the crowd was going wild. These were the inevitable top finishers in the contest. Again, King's conditioning really jumped out at me. It was excellent and leaps and bounds ahead of what it is now - especially from the back. Too bad that King has not been able to look the same since.

Lonnie Teper was the MC of the show and he announced Melvin Anthony. He posed next giving props to a lot of classic pros before his posing presentation including Larry Scott and Bertil Fox. Melvin posed very slowly and fluidly and looked excellent throughout the entire presentation. Next the tempo sped up and Melvin hit his gravity defying moves. He has a very well deserved reputation as one of the greatest present day posers, along with Darrem Charles.

Melvin was then announced second place at the 2001 Iron man Pro show after Chris Cormier.

In the next sequence Melvin was shown pumping up backstage. He was looking sharp as always as he was back there with the other bodybuilders. Dennis James was there too, looking huge as ever and very shredded. Melvin's stomach was excellent. Today you see many pros with distended midsections and big obliques, but not Melvin. He looked fantastic with a trim waist and tight stomach to give him classic lines and a great look. The type of physique that is not seen much these days in lieu of mass monsters - although I do acknowledge this is apples and oranges and some prefer mass monsters while others prefer classic lines. Frankly, I am more entertained by bigger bodybuilders but if I could choose which physique I would have for myself, I would choose a more classic look. Melvin was pumping up backstage with ropes and was surrounded by available dumbbells and barbells. Melvin was (and is) remarkably slender for a bodybuilder and definitely has the type of physique a lot of young men in the gym would aspire to achieve. Unfortunately, that is not very realistic for most people since he is among the genetic elite.

Melvin was getting oiled up backstage and as always, the oil vastly improves the appearance of the physique by bringing out cuts and separation which would normally be a lot more difficult to see. This was no exception, and Melvin looked far more conditioned once the oil was on and his pump was well underway. The screen went to black and white footage for a bit and in slow motion which was a very good touch. That type of photo quality is something that I've only ever seen from GMV Productions since they are pros and know very well what they're doing since they've been in the industry for the past 40 years. It's amazing the time and effort they put forth to produce bodybuilding videos given how small the market is.

Next up Melvin spoke to a GMV interviewer at the 2001 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic expo. Melvin said he felt he proved that he was a threat in competitive bodybuilding and that he would be hungry for the upcoming shows. Melvin explained that his music was cut short (in half) at the Arnold Classic, and that he would have preferred if he had posed to the full length of his music. Melvin then took off his shirt and pants and hit some poses. His condition was apparent, particularly in his feathered quads and shredded most muscular pose.

Next up was footage from the 2001 Mr. Olympia Press Conference where Melvin explained that it was his first time at the Olympia and that despite his weight (230), he wanted to go head to head with Ronnie Coleman and not be put in a weight class. Next Melvin was briefly interviewed and talked about some of the contests he had competed in. He explained that he received help from his friends and God and also described some of the difficulties associated with competitive bodybuilding at the professional level. Some of Melvin's posing from his eleventh place finish was shown and he looked fantastic. What is most impressive about Melvin (aside from his posing) is his trim waist and fantastic midsection.

Next up was footage of Melvin at the 2001 Grand Prix England. Melvin was up on stage with Dexter Jackson and Ernie Taylor hitting poses. He looked very good in what looked to be a fairly competitive class. Traditionally, the Grand Prix shows take place just after the Mr. Olympia contest and so many of the bodybuilders competing are still in shape after competing in it. For a contest which offers such low prize money, the calibre of contestants in the footage appeared to be high - higher than I would like to see until the prize money issue is resolved.

Next up, Melvin's posing routine was shown where he posed to the song "Love Of My Life" by Brian McKnight. Then his posing routine picked up speed as they normally do with Melvin and he started posing to some hip hop. I should say dancing and not posing. But the type of dancing Melvin does is very entertaining and shows off his physique very well.

Dorian Yates announced Melvin as the sixth place finisher at the 2001 Chemical Nutrition IFBB English Grand Prix. This was a good finish and these days, Melvin is placing higher and higher all the time. In time I could even see him becoming Mr. Olympia if he can add some muscularity while keeping his conditioning. As it is now, I feel that Victor Martinez has the same fine lines as Melvin does, but holds more mass and will likely win the Mr. Olympia over Melvin unless Melvin catches up. At the same time, playing the size game will probably not work in Melvin's best interest because he looks great as it is now.

In the next sequence, Melvin was posing outside of the pool again, hitting the usual mandatory poses and looking fantastic in each of them. He was oiled and tanned and his muscularity and definition was easily seen. Next up, Melvin was competing alongside Troy Alves and Flex Wheeler at the 2003 Iron man Pro show. It has been said that Flex Wheeler and Melvin have similar physiques and I would agree to this. Melvin's individual routine was shown next which started off slowly to the song "Dontchange" by Musiq Soulchild. As usual, Melvin's posing routine than sped up and he started hitting the moves at a faster pace and looked great as always with his gravity defying moves.

The final posedown between the top six finishers was next shown. Jay Cutler (the eventual winner) displayed fantastic muscularity and conditioning and this was definitely one of his all time best performances. The entire top six looked phenomenal though, and Melvin was no exception. The group went through the mandatory poses and put on an entertaining show. Flex Wheeler came in third place and it was obvious at that point that Melvin would finish second after Jay Cutler. The reason being because bodybuilding shows are judged these days with regard to both size and shape, and while Melvin beats Jay on shape, Jay beats Melvin on size by a larger margin.

Next Melvin was seen at the press conference at the 2003 Mr. Olympia Contest. He explained that he had a large ass which the crowd got a good laugh at. He also said that he brought up his hamstrings and glutes this year (got them harder). He also predicted a better than top six finish. He eventually placed ninth.

Some footage was shown of Melvin pumping up and getting oiled backstage and he also hit some poses for the press members filming. He looked very good and was a clear top ten finisher. If his conditioning and hardness had been better, he would have possibly finished in the top six or higher. Ronnie Coleman has hardness and muscle density that would definitely help Melvin in contest. Melvin's flaws are not strictly size. His conditioning can be improved upon and that will reflect his placing’s. Darrem Charles is an example of a smaller bodybuilder who is as conditioned as he will possibly get in contest and is only being held back in the ranks due to his size deficit. With superior conditioning, Melvin WILL go up in the ranks, even if his size stays the same. This I would personally guarantee. And Melvin improves all the time.

Melvin posed next for pictures in front of a white background and that made him look incredible. It would have affected the photo quality in an awesome way to boot.

During the interview which later ended up in the DVD for the 2003 Mr. Olympia, Melvin explained that he had a cleaner off-season and that less dieting was required to get in shape for the show. The results proved that Melvin was well prepared. Then some of Melvin's posing routine was shown and he alluded to his sponsorship by Bodyonics Pinnacle as the routine was beginning. His posing routine went fast next and he hit some of his usual gravity defying moves. Melvin also did the splits at the end of his routine which was quite impressive.

Next, Melvin was seen being interviewed the morning after the show. He talked about the contest and looked to be in good spirits.

Some GetBig.com photos from the 2004 Night of Champions contest was shown next and Melvin looked great as always. Melvin was the eventual winner (and deserved to be). Melvin received a plaque and a check for winning the show.

Lonnie Teper of Ironman magazine presented Melvin at the weigh in of the 2005 Ironman Pro show:
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