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Shawn Stasiak Determined: A Documentary
Shawn Stasiak Determined: A Documentary
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Shawn Stasiak Determined: A Documentary

Pro wrestler, chiropractor, fitness enthusiast, Shawn Stasiak’s drive to achieve his best and hard work ethic in every aspect of his life are powerful inspirations for you to achieve the greatest visions of your own life. DETERMINED takes you into Shawn’s world…the wrestling ring, the gym, the chiropractor’s office, and beyond.

I believe the path to a happier, more fulfilling life from a physical and mental standpoint can be achieved through regular bodybuilding training and the associated healthy eating habits.

The discipline, work-ethic and positive energy you develop from training hard in the gym and filling your body with clean food on a consistent basis will carry over to positively affect other areas of your life, such as school, career, relationships, spirituality, or other areas that you want to strengthen. You will feel better, you will look better, and you will be better able to channel positive energy into your life and avoid the negativity that prevents so many of us from reaching our full potential as people.

Whatever your physical goals are, be it competing on stage, trimming your waist or stomach, or putting on some quality lean muscle mass, bodybuilding training has something to offer you, whatever your stage of life. I encourage you to have a vision for your life and use the bodybuilding lifestyle as your fuel to drive you to make that vision a reality.

The athletes you will find in musculargalore.com media embody the aforementioned spirit. They are role models eager to share with you their passion for physical fitness and motivate you to be your best. To that end, musculargalore.com videos and products have a three-part mission.

EDUCATE - You will learn how to think more positively, train more efficiently to build muscle, and eat better to stimulate muscle growth and develop the body you desire. Because we believe strengthening your mind is as important as strengthening your body, you will receive words of wisdom on various life lessons from people who have persevered through difficult times and grown from the experience instead of being defeated.

INSPIRE - Through pictures, insights, and real-life stories, we want to equip you with the drive and determination to achieve your goals in life and enrich your spirit at the time.

ENTERTAIN - Relax and enjoy yourself with something positive. We showcase quality material for the entire family, for all ages, suitable for teens, adults and seniors alike.

Running Time: 100 mins

* Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)

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