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Russ Yeager\'s - Complete Physique Training and Instructional DVD
Russ Yeager's - Complete Physique Training and Instructional DVD
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Russ Yeager's - Complete Physique Training and Instructional DVD

Russ Yeager has been labeled a “hardgainer” when it comes to bodybuilding and building lean muscle.  However, Russ decided he was not going to listen to the critics and would build a lean muscular physique no matter what; And that he would do it all natural. 

Russ has discovered the strategies necessary for so-called “hardgainers” to build lean muscle, increase strength, and get shredded to the bone.  He used these strategies to become an International Physique Transformation Competition Champion, and now he shares them with you in his “Complete Physique Training and Instructional DVD.” 

You will learn:

•  How to get stronger and continue to build muscle while getting your body fat levels into the very low single digits spending less than 1 hour in the gym and without the use of steroids.

•  How to get incredibly lean by performing cardio for only 16 minutes a day! Yes, that’s 16 minutes!

•  Motivational and mental techniques that allow you take your training to a level you never thought possible.

•  The SMART way to train around minor injuries without ever missing a beat on your way to your complete physique.

•  How to get more muscular from your cardio work!

If you think you are a “hardgainer” who can’t build a lean muscular physique naturally then Russ Yeager’s Complete Physique DVD is a must!

Are you ready to create your own Complete Physique?

* Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)

Read what others are saying about this DVD.

“Russ Yeager’s Complete Physique DVD is great! It feels really good to have finally found a source of information that cuts through all the bs.  Russ shoots it to you straight and provides the most effective and efficient ways to get real results.  I now realize how much time and energy (and Money too!!!) I was wasting trying to find the next “breakthrough” workout routine or miracle product.  Hearing Russ talk about the mental aspect of training is as motivating as the workout scenes!  Watching Russ’s Complete Physique Training DVD makes me realize that I can always work harder.  Finally, a program I can believe in and feel confident that if I put in the work I will get the results I want. Thanks Russ!” 

Doug Morgan
Atlanta , GA


“Russ Yeager's Complete Physique Training Video explains technique and form in a clear, simple and safe manor.  Anyone getting into weight training will find this video extremely helpful.”

Jeb Brown
AFFA Certified Personal Trainer
Idea Fitness Member
Licensed Neuromuscular Therapist

Charleston , NC


"I’ve gotta say, Russ’ Complete Physique training DVD is awesome.  It’s simple, straight forward, very motivational and absolutely packed with great information on how to achieve the physique of your dreams!

After watching the DVD, I gained so much knowledge with both my resistance and cardio workouts.  Probably one of my favourite features of the DVD is that Russ will take you through an entire workout – warm-up and all – WITHOUT changing any parts of his workout for the camera.  What you see is his typical workout – how he gets results on a day-to-day basis.

Definitely a wise investment and I would recommend this DVD to anyone who is seeking to improve their physique."

Jay Bonaretti
Gymea Bay, Australia


“I received your Complete Physique Training DVD this morning and all I have to say is...WOW! It's very professional and informative and you show some very good training experience. Especially the alternating dumbbell-curls are very impressive! Congratulations Russ. Keep up the good work!”

Alex Brechtl
Muenchen , Germany


“Russ Yeager's DVD was both professional and down to earth and easy to understand.  He gives an all out informative, no gimmick approach to weight training.  This video is not an easy way out, but rather a successful approach that is easy to follow for anyone who is willing to put in some work."  

Jason Cerniglia  
AMFPT Certified Personal Trainer
Birmingham , AL


 “Russ’s Complete Physique Training DVD is great! The information and visuals on the DVD are awesome! Russ really explains the Max-OT training principles well. He also does a great job of executing and shows how training doesn't have to be super-complex to be effective!

I also think Russ’s DVD is an outstanding BUSINESS INVESTMENT for fitness professionals who have ever thought about creating their own video or DVD. I think that after you watch Russ masterpiece, you'll get started on your own video! I know I'm fired up! It's inspiring to me to see someone create such an outstanding product from their passion in life and offer it to others. Awesome work, Russ!”

Skip La Cour
5x NPC Team Universe National Champion
Musclemania Natural Bodybuilding Champion


"Russ Yeager's Complete Physique Training Video is one of the most comprehensive training tools I've ever seen!  If you're wanting to lose weight, increase lean muscle mass, improve your cardiovascular fitness, or are very serious about building a physique that turns heads, you MUST purchase this DVD!  While many fitness professionals talk about INTENSITY as a component necessary for building the body you desire, Russ actually demonstrates this LIVE for you to see in each section of the video.  Russ also shares and displays very important time management skills in the gym...a skill you'll definitely need to develop in order to have the most efficient and effective workouts possible. Without a doubt, Russ Yeager's Complete Physique Training Video will MOTIVATE you and help you take your workouts to another level!  I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take massive action towards building an awesome physique.  The first time you watch the video, you'll immediately thank yourself for making the investment!"

Robert Selders, Jr., M.S., CFT
Dallas , TX

Running time: 60 mins

* Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)

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