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1984 BDB Mr & Ms Germany: The Show
1984 BDB Mr & Ms Germany: The Show
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1984 BDB Mr & Ms Germany Deutsche Meisterschaft im Bodybuilding 1984

Held in the Philips Hall, Dusseldorf, the 1984 BDB Mr Germany was won by Ronald Matz.

The DVD includes many great physiques from Germany in the mid eighties.

The BDB was regarded as being the forerunner of NABBA Germany.

Ronald Matz competed with distinction a number of times in the NABBA Universe.

The fantastic GUEST POSERS were: Jeff King, Lance Dreher, Franz Bach, Hermine Klinger and Gabriele Sievers. This is probably the best ever posing footage of JEFF KING.

Jeff King was a hugely popular guest poser with the fans.

SPECIAL THANKS: The Jeff King photo was taken shortly before this guest posing, and contest information, all supplied by Stefan Wichmann.

An eyewitness contest report from Stefan Wichmann:

"Star guest poser JEFF KING was in similar shape. He was simply incredible. In my opinion, he was in his best ever shape in 1984.

My further comments:

192 athletes (male and female) took part. The contest was held on the 12th of May 1984 in Düsseldorf's “Philipshalle”. There were over 2500 spectators. The overall standard of the contest was very high.

The 22 years old Ron Matz from Hamburg won the heavyweight class and became overall champion, defeating Edwin Rössler from Rheinstetten (winner of the short class) and Rüdiger Becker from Siegen (winner of the medium class).
Ron Matz and Edwin Rössler were extremely massive and in ripped condition and fought it out like two bulls. Rüdiger Becker was not so massive but was perfectly symmetrical and in the best shape of his life.

Concerning muscularity and condition, all three open class winners were very close together. This made it extremely difficult for the 7 judges to decide the Overall Champion. In the end Ron Matz got 3 votes and the others 2 got 2 votes each in the posedown.

The highlight of the DVD for me was the awesome appearance of Jeff King. He looked like a God who had descended from Mount Olympus - he was truly awesome.

Also note the great shape of the top three German class winners, the outstanding Junior Overall Winner in Maik Behnke, the amazing physique of Eleonore Urbanski and the powerful posing display from USA's Lance Dreher. That was real bodybuilding at its best in the 80s. All guest posers were outstanding."

1984 BDB German Championships - Results:

Junior Men Class 1

1. Frank Ostwald
2. Karl-Heinz Kursch
3. Ingo Becker
4. Antonio Delgado
5. Detlef van Dongen
6. Ralf Honscher
7. Marcel Wegmann
8. Manfred Seebach

Junior Men Class 2

1. Maik Behnke
2. Bernhard Thyen
3. Markus Muller
4. Michael Schonberg
5. Torsten Hala
6. Ralf Muller
7. Carsten Schopp
8. Heinz  Buttner

Women Class 1

1. Ute Radke
2. Petra Brunnenberg
3. Monika Steiner
4. Gabi Christal
5. Marita Droste
6. Nina Er
7. Inge Schmitz
8. Ute Mehlhase

Women Class 2

1. Eleonore Urbanski
2. Heike Lysiak
3. Susanne Philipp
4. Berit Bahr
5. Maren Buch
6. Gabi Hap
7. Sabine Karau
8. Gabriele Hausmann

Men’s Over 40

1. Manfred Theilig
2. Hilmar Nagel
3. Dieter Wendt
4. Bernd Rudolph
5. Siegfried Akmann
6. Helmut Forderer
7. Jurgen Kohn
8. Jochen Komnick

Senior Men Class 1

1. Edwin Rossler
2. Wolfgang Drissler
3. Karl-Heinz Grossmann
4. Heribert Aswaldt
5. Frank Ehrenberg
6. Wolfgang Weiss
7. Peter Ortmann
8. Dieter Zander

Senior Men Class 2

1. Rudiger Becker
2. Gunter Geloneck
3. Harald Mertzenich
4. Frank Zimmermann
5. Peter Ott
6. Udo Peitzer
7. Alfred Spath
8. Werner Zappe

Senior Men Class 3

1. Ronald Matz
2. Uwe Zimmermann
3. Bernhard Poguntke
4. Hans Baus
5. Darius Radtke
6. Harry Scheibenzuber
7. Ulrich Radke

Overall Winners:

Junior Men:  Maik Behnke

Senior Men:  Ronald Matz

Women:  Eleonore Urbanski

Running Time: 85 mins

* Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)

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