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Mark Dugdale: Mark is Numero 202
Mark Dugdale: Mark is Numero 202
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Mark Dugdale: Mark is Numero 202 

Mark Dugdale has done it the hard way! He has been DRIVEN, BEYOND DRIVEN, and has spent A WEEK IN THE DUNGEON. Now, Mark is back in his newest, most informative film compilation yet, MARK IS NUMERO 202!  Go behind the scenes as Mark gives us a glimpse into his life; with an exclusive all-access pass into the 2009 Olympia 202 Showdown, a post-Olympia guest appearance in Sweden and footage of past posing routines spanning more than a decade.

Learn from the pro as Mark gives us his insight into how he prevents injury and promote internal health; from IV therapy and blood screening to chiropractic care and his daily supplementation, and of course, his daily diet. Known for his extreme conditioning and granite-like hardness, Mark takes it all to the next level for the Olympia!

Back by popular demand is Cooking with Christina, a front row seat to how she juggles cooking and preparing healthy meals tailored to fit a pro bodybuilders off-season and competition-prep diet while satisfying the appetites of her three young daughters.

There's also plenty of the signature hardcore training that Mark is famous for. Throw in some out-takes and interviews that never made the final cut from previous DVD projects, and MARK IS NUMERO 202! is an extensive, full-blown look into the life of an IFBB pro. This is a rare gem of a DVD.


Dungeon footage - 9 mins
Trailers - 6mins 47sec
Posing Routines - 22misn 03sec
Cooking segment - 41min 43sec

Product Review: Mark is Numero 202!

Written by Steve Colescott, Guerrilla Journalist.   
The fourth in the Dugdale series,  "Numero 202" presents a candid look at the symmetrical bodybuilder's preparations for the Under-202 Olympia.  With equal parts information and inspiration, this DVD shares a well-told story enhanced by high production quality and a likeable cast of heroes.

The primary supporting roles are those of his family, particularly his beautiful wife Christina.  I like to see elite level lifters that can balance a normal life with their pursuit of their sport. While the concept of a hardcore musclehead living out his their car, scraping by to make it, may seem hardcore... if done for a number of years, it has a sad delusional quality.  Dugdale has a real non-fitness career and puts family first and they all work together to help him achieve his best. It is obvious that he is doing things for the betterment of his wife and kids, rather than making his family do without so that he can chase personal glory.

Dugdale's physique possesses a nice blend of shapely aesthetics and freaky mass, so he can appeal to almost any bodybuilding fan. He is in great shape in this video (obviously shot in the final stages of his Olympia prep), so the gym training sequences will get you psyched before heading out to handle your own training.

While it is obvious that he is training for feel, Mark also is not afraid to get under a heavy load. He squats with six plates for four reps (to parallel) and deadlifts with four plates on his back day for fairly high, slow controlled reps. He has obviously put a lot of thought into his training and nutrition. I would have enjoyed a voice-over to hear why he has structured his workouts as he has, and some performance cues but, as I have never seen any of his previous DVDs, this may have already been covered. As someone that managed a very strict World Gym in my college years, my only real critique is that he was wearing his belt while doing lying leg curls. "Easy on the upholstery there, buddy!"

"Numero 202" cuts back and forth between four different training segments, views of Dugdale's work and family life and cooking segments. This is a wise move since 90-minutes of training would make even the most ardent teenage fan drift off. I am someone that likes to cook since I believe a little culinary knowledge makes bodybuilding nutrition easier to stick to and seem more like a treat than a punishment. The cooking segments, both with Mark and with his wife Christina (did I mention that she is beautiful), were excellent. I picked up a few things I plan to incorporate into my own routine. Sometimes you don't even realize your eating has become stagnant until you are presented with other options.

The only critique I could dredge up on this DVD is that he started out with a cooking segment, which seemed a bit low-energy. Perhaps a voice-over with a video montage in the background could have gotten viewers up to speed on when the DVD was taking place, and may have been a better choice? Did this minor grievance take away from my enjoyment of the DVD? Not really.

Dugdale runs down his rather extensive supplement regimen.  As a Nutrex-sponsored athlete, he obviously uses their products liberally. It was nice to see that he also went over a handful of compounds that he cherry-picked from various companies for their health-promoting benefits. (Although I did notice he neglected to credit Beverly International for their Muscularity BCAA product that we see him using earlier during his workout). His knowledge on supplements is impressive and his rationale for his choices is clearly explained.

Those of us that have seen a few of these DVDs will find his attention to preventative medicine to be informative and refreshing. We get to see Dugdale's visit to his chiropractor for Active Release Therapy as well as a visit to a different doctor for intravenous therapy. He undergoes an IV push; two syringes full of high-potency vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and co-factors to support his immune system and the healing response.

In the DVD extras, we are treated to out-takes from his last DVD (including a short interview with Dorian Yates and a view of Zack Khan), seven different posing routines (you can see his progress from a teen to a top pro) and some more recipes from his beautiful (have I mentioned that) wife Christina. It is very obvious that Mark wanted his fans to feel they got their money's worth on this DVD and he sure delivered!

If you are looking for some good info from a knowledgeable source, I could not recommend this DVD more strongly.

Running Time: 96 mins

* Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)

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