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Art Atwood & TJ Humphreys Men of Steel
Art Atwood & TJ Humphreys Men of Steel
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Art Atwood & TJ Humphreys - Men of Steel

Art Atwood - I was born on December 27, 1973 in Wisconsin. I grew up on competitive sports, mainly football and track. I started training with weights when I was twelve to increase my speed and power. I was very fortunate to have coaches and an older brother who were knowledgeable and committed to intense training. They were my major motivators and taught me the basics of weight training.

Now, 16 years later, I have mastered the sport of bodybuilding. Taking my inner drive to be the best. I utilized all my efforts to transform my body into a walking form of "Art". Through mind blowing training sessions and by eating tremendous amounts of chickens and cows. I have built a body that is powerful and ultimately unique. God has blessed me to be able to take my passion for bodybuilding and use it to support myself and encourage others to get into the best shape of their lives.

I met T.J. at one of my contests through a mutual friend and after talking with him for only a few minutes, I could tell that he had "it." That "it" is very unique and rare quality that few people own. "It" is a fire that burns deep within and a personal drive to be the best. T.J. called me up one day and gave me an opportunity to come down to Dallas to build my supplement empire. Gratefully, I took the offer and things started to really happen for the both of us. We started training together and it was a BLAST! We mad this video to capture our sessions together and I believe you will really enjoy it!

Needless to say, T.J. scored a TON of photo opportunities at his show and I made a top 5 placing at my next professional contest. Both of us are enjoying the "lifestyle" that we created and we are here to share our experience with you! Train hard, live your life to the fullest, and God Bless!

Art Atwood
Professional Supplements

T.J. Humphreys - I started bodybuilding in the summer of 2004 on a bet from a friend of mine in Colorado. He dared me to compete, and I had no desire to get up in front of a thousand people in a bikini, but Justin told me something that I will never forget... he asked me to compete for all of the guys out there who bust their asses in the gym but don't have the genetics to win. At that point, I felt obligated, and to this day, that drive and ambition is fuelled by the fact that God has given me the physique and the work ethic to excel in the sport of bodybuilding and fitness modelling.

I was "discovered" by Meredith Apel of Weider Publishing at the 2005 USA. She picked me and the eventual winner, Phil Heath, for their photo shoots that weekend. Out of 200 competitors, Phil and I were the chosen ones. Since then I have been cast to shoot two covers and 5 articles for Muscle and Fitness since the USA. And, in June of 2006, I got my first contract with Prolab Nutrition as their featured athlete, and have featured Prolab products in FLEX and Muscle and Fitness magazines.

I have been at it for two years, and it has been one helluva ride. I'm looking forward to what the future holds for me, so stay tuned!

T.J. Humphreys
President, Lone Star Distribution

Running Time: 155 mins

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