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Iron Man Magazine\'s Critical Mass POF
Iron Man Magazine's Critical Mass POF
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Iron Man Magazine's Critical Mass POF


Positions of Flexion is the revolutionary full-range muscle-training method that can get you bigger faster than ever before. On this brilliant high-resolution DVD you get a POF analysis of every bodypart complete with exercise performance tips and tricks and muscle-fiver activation techniques.
You'll learn about muscle synergy the myotatic reflex continuous tension and target-muscle supercompensation and it's all demonstrated by contest-ready bodybuilders. It's motivating as well as instructional.  It is THE DVD to tell you how to workout.

Here's what you get:

Critical Arms.
It's a shoulder-to-wrist growth blitz that will turn your guns into cannons!
A massive set of arms hanging out of a short-sleeved shirt gives notice that you pump some serious iron. Build yours to massive proportions with POF.

Critical Chest & Delts.
See how to sculpt pec perfection and devastating delts. Imagine a full chest with a sharp line under each pec striations that look like a fireworks display and a deep gash that separates the upper and lower section. And how about a pair of mammoth deltoids capping each clavicle that make you look as wide as an aircraft carrier? Talk about an eye-grabbing physique!

Critical Legs & Back.
Get shocking size on your back calves and thighs. The legs and back contain the largest muscles of the body and you get the most overall mass stimulation when you train these bodyparts correctly. Now learn the secrets to maximum overall growth and get the ammo to develop your legs into pillars of power sculpt lats that look like wings and traps that resemble thick slabs of beef. POF is your ticket to maximum muscle!


Bonus: 10 Minutes of Granite Abs.

If you want to rivet people's eyes to your physique every time you peel off your shirt you want phenomenal abdominals. Here are the fastest ab-chiselling routines in the world. All it takes to etch your midsection into a rock-hard work of art is simple twice-a-week workouts with one of the quick power-packed routines that are demonstrated in this section. There's even a quick at-home version that you an use to train your abs for maximum sex appeal.

Running Time: 145 mins

* Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)

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